Thursday 20 September 2018


Item Code : 3344

Wadah keramik ini saya dapatkan di Banjarmasin. Merupakan sisa-sisa peninggalan era Kolonial Belanda.
Kondisi masih sangat cukup bagus dan utuh dengan motif garis berwarna biru dan finishing glass.
Pada zaman dulu benda ini difungsikan untuk penyimpanan makanan.
Sayangnya tidak ada tulisan atau tanda yang ada pada wadah ini sehingga saya tidak bisa identifikasi lebih lengkap.
Dari hasil searching di google benda yang sejenis, wadah ini buatan tahun 1800-1900 an
Dimensi :
- Tinggi : 20,5cm
- Diameter : 11,5cm
- Berat : 1167 grams

HARGA : 250.000,- IDR


Stoneware is a type of pottery fired to a very high temperature; above 1200-1400 degrees Celsius. The high temperature vitrifies the clay so that even in an unglazed state it is watertight. This was a big step forward as pottery fired to a lower temperature had to be thoroughly glazed to ensure it was watertight. Unglazed stoneware was made in China around 2000 years ago and was invented independently in Germany in the 13th century but its manufacture was not introduced into Britain until the early 17th century.
Stoneware is used for a variety of uses including decorative ornaments, figurines and tableware but it is obviously well suited to the transportation and storage of liquids such as beer, wine, vinegar and mineral water. As a result it was used by grocers, wine and beer dealers, brewers and landlords to store and sell their products. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to advertise themselves and their products the names and addresses of the traders were often stamped into or transferred onto the jugs and bottles.

Production line showing a Victorian stoneware bottle making plant. Howev

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