Thursday, 20 September 2018


Item Code : 2265

Botol ini adalah botol tempat bir jahe. Di buat di daerah glasgow sekitar abad 19.
Material : Clay (Tanah liat)
Negara pembuat : Glasgow - Skotlandia
Approx Date : 1866 - 1923
Dimensi :
- Tinggi : 21,5cm
- Diameter : 7,8cm
- Berat : 735 grams
- Volume : -/+ 350 ml
Kondisi : sama seperti yang terlihat diphoto

HARGA : 200.000,- Idr

Port-Dundas Glasgow Pottery Coy Port Dundas Pottery Company, (1828-1932),
Glasgow, Scotland, England, with the Port Dundas mark Put bottles made by Port Dundas Pottery Co. on a shelf
Manufactured beer bottles. This works was started in 1828 and operated under various owners until it was taken over by James Miller as James Miller & Company. By 1857, it was organized as the Port Dundas Pottery Company. In 1866, steam power was introduced to turn the potter's wheels. During 1930 the Port Dundas Pottery Company Limited closed down and was operated until 1932 by some of its customers. The impression is near the base of the bottle.

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