Saturday 8 September 2018


Item Code : 2295

Film : The Wilby Conspiracy
Release : 1975
Genre : Action
Stars : Sidney Poitier, Michael Caine and Nicol Williamson
Ukuran Kertas : 25cm x 15cm
Kondisi Kertas : Bagus

In apartheid era South Africa, Shack Twala (played by Sir Sidney Poitier), a black revolutionary who had served time on Robben Island, is freed by Rina van Niekerk, his Afrikaner defence attorney, because he would be a victim of retroactive legislation. Rina, estranged from her husband Blane, is having a relationship with an English mining engineer, Jim Keogh (played by Michael Caine), who has attended Shack's trial. Surprised by the verdict, Rina, Jim and Shack go off to celebrate at her house. They are stopped by the South African Police who are conducting identity document checks and arresting everyone who does not have their papers on them. As Shack has only just been released from prison he will not receive his papers until the next day. The police Constable and Shack antagonise each other leading to Shack being handcuffed and arrested. When Rina attempts to pull the Constable off Shack, the policeman hits her, knocking her to the ground. Jim assaults and knocks out the Constable making all three fugitives.
At Police Headquarters, an SAP Brigadier is criticised by Major Horn of the South African Bureau of State Security (BOSS) for not only arresting Shack but continuing with their random identity checks and arrests that have infuriated world opinion.
The three fugitives are followed and monitored by BOSS to lead them to discover their escape route to Botswana and its facilitators, two Indian dentists; a stash of stolen uncut diamonds being used to fund the "Black Congress" (African National Congress) and the leader of the "Black Congress", a man named Wilby.

HARGA : 35.000,- Idr

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