Saturday, 9 February 2019


Item Code : DZ 15

It means success, wealth, long life full of health and fortunate opportunities. In China it is rendered as three eyes of Luck or Three Stars of Luck from Three Star Elders. Three star elders are: Shousin, Fusin and Lusin. These three Chinese gods embody happiness in all the spheres of life: health, family, love, luck, career, wealth, creative success. In Buddhism the bead symbolizes the god of wealth Yellow Dzambala (Kubera), the symbol of all the types of prosperity in all worlds. This is one of the most powerful beads for attraction of financial wealth. This bead often goes together with Padmasambhwara Hat and Buddha’s Heart. Another meaning is the harmony of body, mind and heart.
It symbolizes the following elements collected together: earth, air, fire, wind and emptiness. It can attract the power and help of five dhyani-buddhas, the guardians of the south, the north, the east, the west and the middle ground – Vairochana, Vajrasattva, Amitabhi and Ratnasambhava 

Panjang : 31mm

HARGA : 200.000,- Idr

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