Saturday, 9 February 2019


Item Code : DZ 14 

This is a bead of enlightenment, protection, power of spirit and clear mind. Vajra is a Buddhist sacral thing – weapon of Indra god. In Tibetan “vajra” means “lightning strike”. It symbolizes Yang of the universe and together with the bell (which symbolizes Yin) is used in sacral practice. This bead embodies healing, helps to get rid of habits. Like sacral vajra this bead helps to wade off evil spirits, to win the demons and to realize the truth. The pattern on the bead can be crosswise doubled – such bead has the name of “Double vajra”. The pictograms of vajra can be different. In some types there simultaneously can be the eyes on the beads. There also can be diamond-shaped patterns which symbolize vajra-diamond (one more meaning of the symbol).

Panjang : 26mm

HARGA : 175.000,- Idr

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